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Linear progression. One line follows another. A curve (and its proximity to its neighbour) can create the impression of depth. In this way a two-dimensional vector achieves the illusion of participating in three-dimensional space. As colour is mapped the progression achieves a more refined opacity and depth. It achieves form.

An Untenable Relationship Between Strength & Beauty

This pretty stone was left by the previous owners of the the flat I bought five or so years ago. When I temporarily moved out I wrapped it up in an old pillow-case and hit with a hammer to break it in two. I placed the two parts and the fragments into an envelope for safekeeping and got to thinking about revisiting that initial impact, recording it and keeping it timeless.

50 x 69cm Edition of 30, signed and numbered.
C-Type print on Fuji Matt Crystal Archive paper.
Printed by The Printspace London.

Within That Briefest Possible Moment She Knew All Things

An attempt to arrest the action of an impact in water; freezing the motion, defining it, giving it substance. The event becomes the construct and the body is unable to revert to its previous form.